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ALearn is celebrating 10 years of service to students of low-income, underserved backgrounds. We help close the achievement gap through rigorous programs and through “growth mindset," the belief that success can be achieved through hard work, dedication and resilience.

  • Since 2007, ALearn has served over 9,200 students in our programs: Math Acceleration Program (MAP), MAP+, Girls Exploring Math (GEM), Catalyst to High School, and Catalyst to College.
  • ALearn started in one school district and has served 16 school districts.
  • ALearn’s students graduate high school at a rate of 33% higher than underserved Students of Color¹, and are college ready² at 3 times the rate of their district peers³.
  • Teachers attend ALearn’s innovative Professional Development program, benefiting 5x more students in their school-year classrooms.
  • Click here to see the overall 2016 results

Math Acceleration Program 2016 Results

  • See 2016 MAP Results
  • Served 673 sixth - eighth grade students from the summer and school-year programs.
  • Students came from 80+ schools, 6 School Districts across San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.
  • 43% of this year’s teachers had previous MAP or MAP+ experience. Teachers and Teaching Assistants received professional development on Common Core and Khan Academy curricula.
  • 29 college student teaching assistants were exceptional role models for the students.
  • The program successfully engaged parents and family members, with more than 270 enthusiastic families attending College Inspiration Night and the End-of-Program Celebrations. 

Catalyst to High School 2016 Results

  • See 2016 Catalyst to High School Results
  • 564 incoming 9th graders completed the program with 91% retention.
  • Catalyst served students from 9 schools in 4 schools districts on 8 sites in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. 
  • 61% of students passed Algebra I and were placed in Geometry in their freshman year, putting them a year ahead.
  • 82% of students who took Algebra II advanced to Common Core Math 2.
  • 90% of students who took Common Core Math 1 advanced to Common Core Math 2.
  • 92% of students who took Common Core Math 2 advanced to Common Core Math 3.
  • 100% of Common Core Math 3 students advanced to Math Analysis.
  • The program successfully raised student awareness and aspirations to go to college.

Girls Exploring Math (GEM) Results

  • See 2015 GEM Results
  • Our two to classes, and served 7th and 8th grade girls in this after-school program in 2016.
  • A Speakers' Series featuring professional women in STEM careers gave girls a view of a world most had never seen. All women of color, the speakers came from Lockheed Martin, Oracle, Google, and Cephied.
  • One class participated in an interactive "Design_CODE_Build" workshop at the Computer History Museum, where they learned the coding concepts of logic, structure, space, and change. The other two classes participated in a Tech Museum after-school lab called Engineering for Earthquakes, where students designed their own structures and put them on shake tables to observe the extent to which they were earthquake proof.

¹2014 East Side Union High School District data
²Completed all requirements to be admitted to a University of California or California State University school
³2014 East Side Union High School District data