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Program Description:

ALearn’s Girls Exploring Math (GEM) program is a unique, after-school academic and enrichment program focusing on 7th-grade girls and math. This program helps girls succeed in Algebra or Common Core Math and it helps put them on track to attending college. The program also works to encourage girls to pursue careers in science, math, engineering, etc.

Click here to see the 2015 GEM results.

Program Goals:

  • Improving the girls’ math skills level and conceptual abilities
  • Enhancing girls’ attitude towards education and inspiring confidence
  • Making math more interesting and relevant to the girls
  • Exposing girls’ to a college-going mindset
  • Encouraging an overall “growth mindset” to school, math, college and beyond
  • Transforming girls’ confidence in math, self and going to college

Program Components:

  • Pearson’s Math Navigator Common Core Module “Expressions”; 20 lessons
  • Khan Academy
  • College-Readiness Lessons
  • “Girl Talk” – Stories from Danica McKellar’s “Kiss My Math”
  • Leadership and Empowerment Lessons
  • Growth Mindset Lessons
  • Math Games
  • Homework Support
  • Field Trip to Broadcom’s Design_CODE_Build event at the Computer History Museum
  • Classroom guest speakers include successful women, who can serve as role models for the girls, present on their careers, college, and how they use math.