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Success Stories

Catalyst Students Paola Cervantes and Glenda Vargas

Catalyst Students Paola Cervantes and Glenda Vargas
Motivated Close Friends

Paola Cervantes and Glenda Vargas are two very motivated and successful graduates of Los Altos High School who jointly attended the ALearn catalyst class together four years ago and are now in college. Paolo attends Cal State Northridge and Glenda is at Chapman University.

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Catalyst Student Esmeralda Galindo
From C's and D's to B's and A's

Even though I didn’t know the teachers from the Catalyst to High School/Summer Bridge Program they were still great. For home room I had Mr. Nguyen, a really cool and funny teacher.  For Algebra 1, I had Mrs. Tran and she was a really helpful and patient teacher. Mr. Albers was the director of the program and I really didn’t get to meet him that much but he seemed to be a really good teacher to me.
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Catalyst Student Ana Jiménez
Math is Now Her Favorite Subject

Even though math wasn't my favorite subject in school coming into Catalyst, the program made me realize that math actually was my favorite subject. Over the summer I realized that math wasn't just numbers and equations, but a subject that is really fun to learn. Also, the teachers were great and the director of the program was very helpful.
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MAP Student Sara Palacios
12/12: A Fraction to Love

"Double wow" was what both Sara Palacios, a 7th grader from the Herman Intermediate School, and her mother felt after she was accelerated to Pre-Algebra earlier this year. Sara's acceleration was a result of her participation in the ALearn Math Acceleration Program (MAP) last summer.
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Catalyst Student Milena Lacayo
Leader and Problem-Solver

Milena is a very engaging and creative Junior at Los Altos High School who developed leadership, problem solving and math skills while attending ALearn’s Catalyst to High School program two years ago. These skills increased her confidence and enabled a much easier transition from 8th grade to freshman year. It also pushed her into taking AP courses during her sophomore year and ignited her passion for creative writing and the desire to become an English teacher.

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Glenda Vargas
ALearn Student, Teaching Assistant, and future Teacher

For many high school graduates, going away to college can be daunting. But for first-generation students such as Glenda Vargas, of Mountain View, the leap was much more formidable.

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