ALearn 2016 Annual Report

Dear ALearn Supporters,

Thanks to your support, 2016 was a very good year for ALearn and for the students whom we serve! It was a year in which we made progress on the 5 I’s: Imagine, Intervene, Innovate, Inspire and Impact.


  • At ALearn, we imagine a world in which all students, regardless of backgrounds or income, have the opportunity to pursue learning that leads them to a successful college choice and graduation.
  • ALearn imagines a world where every student learns positive mindset, perseverance, confidence and self-advocacy skills to be successful in high school and college.


  • ALearn intervenes on behalf of underserved students who need math and motivation to put themselves on a rigorous path toward college.
  • ALearn helps students transform their college goals and dreams through college-going curricula, a college-going teaching assistant (TA), a field trip and a family college night.


  • ALearn partnered with new school districts, charters and nonprofits in East Palo Alto and San José.
  • Alearn added professional development partners and professors from Santa Clara University, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Clara County Office of Education and New Teacher Center to enhance the professional development for teachers and teaching assistants.


  • ALearn added hands-on STEM workshops in our Girls Exploring Math (GEM) program, which exposed our middle school girls to an inspiring group of women working in STEM professions, who taught them about DNA extraction, chip design, and Newton’s Three Laws.
  • Hundreds of students and their families were inspired by stories about college from our first-generation, college-going TAs.


  • ALearn has served over 9,200 students from low-income backgrounds in the past 9 years.
  • 96% of MAP students reported they “feel more motivated to go to college.”
  • 98% said, “I will use what I’m learning in math when I’m older.”
  • 90-100% of our Common Core Math 1-3 students accelerated a full year as a result of ALearn’s summer program.

Thanks to you, our supporters, ALearn outreaches every day to serve the students who can benefit most.


Kathryn S. Hanson, Ph.D. CEO & Founder
Kelley Steven-Waiss, Board Chair

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