ALearn March 2017 Newsletter

ALearn eliminates risk by providing college readiness

When the school day is finished and most teachers begin to wrap up their day, Yeny Rosales gears up for her next shift as ALearn's MAP+ teacher at Ocala Middle School. "My students and I enjoy staying after the regular school day for another class - we have fun learning together."

Yeny is a veteran teacher with 14 years under her belt and her third with ALearn . While some students catch on to new concepts quickly, others need more time to fully grasp the lesson. That's why so many students benefit from ALearn's MAP+ program. Yeny explains,"The program is accommodating to help students with their individual needs."

But there is more than just math for these MAP+ students. "ALearn provides a valuable college component which no other middle school program has.  Other programs have 'drill and kill' math but ALearn has math, plus a great teaching assistant alongside the teacher who teaches and inspires."

A few of the MAP+ students in this class are English language learners, but they need to hear the lesson in Spanish to really comprehend it. The English-only students are so patient with the Spanish-mostly students, allowing Yeny and her teaching assistant Edgar to spend time with the Spanish language students for every lesson.

Individual teacher attention makes a difference

"These students don't know about the process of high school or college, and are at risk of being super lost once they get to high school. We are eliminating that risk by giving them both high school and college readiness."

Yeny has been ALearn's Catalyst High School Summer Program Coordinator for two years."When I first learned about Catalyst High School, I thought, oh my, this is what kids really need. This program really puts the whole 'how to get into college' story together so that it makes sense. Plus, I love re-connecting with my former 7th graders. I know that the sacrifice they made in ALearn's summer middle school program would pay off, but it is really rewarding when they admit that it was worth it."

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