El Observador – New Efforts in Education Highlight Push for East Side Students

Yerba Buena high school students and member of the East Side high school district came together last Thursday to welcome ALearn and its new program, Catalyst to College. This new program was funded through a $500,000 grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and will be offered to students from Yerba Buena and Independence High Schools.

The attendees welcomed the founder and CEO of ALearn, Kathryn Hanson, who then introduced a group of nine students that were part of the summer program and gave their testimonies and thanked the rest of the attendees for being part of the launch.

“I think these are the hidden figures of the new generation, the brave and bold… I want to come back in six years from now and see you all graduating from college and have you tell them how what you’re going to do in your careers, “Hanson said.

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