School Districts and Education Partners

School districts and education partners benefit from ALearn's expertise in helping underrepresented students get on the college track. ALearn’s programs help establish a college-going culture on campus and get more students A-G eligible by strengthening their math skills and positive mindsets.

Help students meet A-G requirements for UC/SCU eligibility

Math is essential. Math competency is necessary for science and for general academic confidence. Students can’t meet A-G requirements without a solid math foundation. ALearn partners with each district to strengthen students’ math skills so they can get back on grade level in math and securely on the path to college. This inevitably helps their other subjects. Through ALearn’s college readiness curriculum, students learn about the A-G requirements and can advocate for themselves in getting the classes they need, making them ready for college admission.

Build college-going culture

Students leave the ALearn classroom with a goal of getting into college. In addition to our college readiness curriculum, students go on a college field trip and attend a college inspiration event with their families. Students learn that getting into college is achievable and affordable, and more importantly, they learn how to achieve it. These inspired students build a community and share it with the school campus.


Teachers and Teaching Assistants

District teachers attend Alearn’s professional development and learn new approaches on how to support math learning of underserved students. Teachers apply these new skills and perspectives to the ALearn classes as well as their own classrooms. Often, they share what they learned with other teachers, disseminating ALearn’s unique approach, and help stimulate discussion on effective ways to support underserved students from low-income backgrounds.

Develop future teachers

ALearn's college-student teaching assistants serve as role models and assist students in setting the expectation that everyone can prepare for and be successful in college, again strengthening ALearn’s impact. The majority of our teaching assistants are aspiring teachers.

To learn more about how ALearn can help you build a college-going culture and meet your A-G goals, please contact Linda Prieto, Vice President of Programs, or 408.260.7545.