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About us

Who We Are:

ALearn was founded in 2007 with the goal of helping more underrepresented students prepare for and complete college. Since then, ALearn has provided K-12 students access to academic support programs and a college-going culture. As a result of ALearn’s efforts, we have helped increase the number of college-bound students in the Silicon Valley.

In California, over half of K-12 students are Latino or from other immigrant groups, and many are from low-income families. ALearn aims to support the success of these students by helping them pave the way to college. To realize this goal, ALearn provides academic programs and community support programs to do the following:

  • Enhance college readiness through programs that increase competency and prepare low-income students for success in college preparatory classes.
  • Encourage all students to expect a college degree by setting high academic standards and motivating students to enjoy learning.
  • Extend the in-school learning day with complementary after-school and summer programs.
  • Create additional support by reaching out to parents and involving them in the success of their children.
  • Reach out to businesses and community organizations to provide holistic, comprehensive support programs.
  • Provide positive role models for the participating students by hiring college-going teaching assistants.

Our Approach

ALearn’s comprehensive educational programs help underrepresented students succeed. Our approach is to:

  • Work with public school districts year-round to achieve continuous improvement in student learning.
  • Build partnerships between school districts, universities and community-based organizations who are all working on closing the achievement gap.
  • Find and share best practices with organizations who are working with underrepresented and lower socioeconomic students.
  • Build positive peer support and a college-going culture.
  • Assess student progress and program effectiveness.
  • Use social networking to support underrepresented students in high school and college.