Education is an “economy changer” (Pew Research) – the primary solution for many first-generation college students to lift themselves out of poverty.
ALearn’s programs arm students from underserved backgrounds with the essential skills and motivation needed to succeed in high school and college. ALearn also helps prepare students for high-skill jobs down the road with higher than average wages.

Making a Difference for Silicon Valley

ALearn’s intensive math, college readiness and positive mindset programs provide the necessary skills and work ethic to students residing in Silicon Valley interested in pursuing a career at top tech companies. In addition to educating future tech workers, ALearn is growing the pipeline to fill the teacher shortage in the Bay Area and California. Many ALearn graduates choose to continue their time at ALearn as teaching assistants (TAs), demonstrating a continued engagement with and passion for the organization and for teaching. Over 62% of ALearn’s 2016 TAs choose teaching as their profession.