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Valeria’s Journey to College

Over our ten years, ALearn has reached over 11,100 students in 712 classes.

ALearn has grown from 4 classes at 2 school sites in 2008 to over 69 classes at 24 school sites in 2017.


Middle School Results

In 2016, ALearn served 868 middle school students from 80+ schools, 6 school districts, 1 charter school and 3 nonprofits. Of these students, 95% were from historically underserved ethnic backgrounds.

Math Acceleration Program (MAP)

In 2016, ALearn served 673 middle school MAP students from 80+ schools, 6 school districts, and 3 nonprofits. Students received 76 hours (19 days) of instruction, the equivalent of a 1/2 school year of math. ALearn students finish what they start: 89% of district students who started the course completed it, an exceptionally high retention rate for an optional summer school. Students make significant progress in the MAP program:

  • 6th graders showed 33% growth in Understanding Equivalent Fractions, and 20% growth in Geometry
  • 7th graders saw 23% growth in Ratios & Rates and 22% growth in Positive Rational Numbers
  • 8th graders showed 38% growth in Expressions

MAP students receive real value from their classes:

  • 96% of students reported they “feel more motivated to go to college” as a result of MAP.
  • 98% said “I will use what I’m learning in math when I’m older.”

Open the 2016 MAP Report to learn more.    

  • “I have loved this program. It helped me understand more math. My parents are happy that I am studying for math...and that makes me and my parents happy.”

    MAP Student,

Girls Exploring Math (GEM)

GEM offers hands-on math and science activities specifically designed to expose girls to STEM fields. GEM serves 7th & 8th grade girls at 2 school districts. Students participate in STEM workshops at interactive partner sites such as the Computer History Museum, Tech Museum, and Intel. A Speakers’ Series featuring professional women in STEM careers gives girls a view of a world most have never seen. A favorite: the Google Roboticist. 

Open the 2016 GEM Report to learn more.

High School Results

In 2016, ALearn served 684 high school students from 3 school districts and 1 nonprofit partner. Of these, 95% were from historically underserved ethnic backgrounds.

Math Strong






College Ready

Catalyst to High School

ALearn’s intensive 6-week summer program served 564 rising 9th-12th grade students from 9 schools and 4 school districts on 8 sites in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. The program had an retention rate of 91%, impressive for an optional summer program! Students received 120-180 hours of instruction, the equivalent to almost a full school year of math. Starting high school a year ahead in Math:

  • 62% of students taking Algebra I advanced to Geometry in their freshman year, compared to the 40-45% pass rate during the school year.
  • 82% of students who took Algebra II advanced to Math Analysis.
  • 90% of Common Core Math 1 students advanced to Common Core Math 2.
  • 92% of Common Core Math 2 students advanced to Common Core Math 3.
  • 100% of Common Core Math 3 students advanced to Math Analysis.

Open the 2016 Catalyst Report to learn more.

Catalyst to College

Catalyst to College is a four-year program that supports rising 10th graders through to their first semester of college. It provides intensive educational case management along with leadership development, peer support, and personal assistance in applying for college admission and financial aid.  The program creates a college-going culture for 100 students on 2 high school campuses. Students create deep peer relationships and accountability on and off campus in their Crews® of 5 to 6 students. Students are also exposed to cultural experiences and are encouraged to give back to their communities. A week-long innovative Catalyst to College Summer Academy kicked off the program at Santa Clara University, and included a panel of college students. The program serves Independence and Yerba Buena high schools in East San Jose.

Teachers and the Teacher Pipeline

Teachers receive professional development training and apply those skills during the school year, reaching over 7,500 additional students.

ALearn is building a teacher pipeline for Silicon Valley:

  • Our teachers and TAs build instructional skills that benefit students beyond the ALearn programs.
  • 57% of ALearn TAs aspire to become teachers. Former ALearn TAs are now teaching at East Side Unified, Sunnyvale, Cupertino and Fremont school districts.
  • 43% of MAP Teachers had previous ALearn experience.
  • 95% of teachers would recommend ALearn to a colleague.
  • Many Catalyst to High School alumni are now in college and serving as TAs in our MAP and Catalyst to High School programs.

  • This program provided me with many more resources to incorporate into my classroom as well as different teaching strategies that I’m very certain will prove to be useful. I also grew as a teacher in regards to working alongside a peer and figuring out new ideas of how to approach student needs.

    MAP teacher,

Family Engagement

ALearn family engagement activities increase family empowerment. Many of our students’ families have not attended college, and have no experience with the college admission process. To help students and families:

  • MAP held 11 college information events with over 500 family members attending. MAP’s 12 End of Program Celebrations allowed over 1,000 family members to celebrate their student’s work, with up to 200 people attending each event.
  • Catalyst to High School’s College Inspiration Program provided over 700 people with critical college planning information, and End of Program Celebrations allowed over 1,050 family members to see their student’s work.

  • ALearn helped everyone have a vision for college no matter how much our parents make, or how far away it is. They were able to convince us that our dream college can be possible as long as we put in the effort to do so.

    2016 Catalyst to High School Student,