Catalyst Student Ana Jiménez Math is Now Her Favorite Subject

Even though math wasn't my favorite subject in school coming into Catalyst, the program made me realize that math actually was my favorite subject. Over the summer I realized that math wasn't just numbers and equations, but a subject that is really fun to learn. Also, the teachers were great and the director of the program was very helpful.

Although being part of Catalyst wasn't what I wanted to do for my summer, I still decided to go. I went because my brother told me that it had helped him a lot in math. Looking back, I realize that my brother was right. The program helped me because we spent four hours a day learning math with one teacher, and it was worth it. I was able to ask questions and I was also able to stop the teacher in the middle of class to ask when I didn’t understand the lesson. I recommend Catalyst because it helped me during summer. I passed Algebra which was the math I had to take. If I could take Catalyst again I would because I am still doing well right now in Geometry.

The teachers were the main thing that made Catalyst a great program. They were very helpful to every student. The teachers also made the program fun at times. The director Mr. Albers was also very important to the program because he was the one who motivated and still motivates us to do our best at all times. He inspired us to do the best we could on our tests, quizzes and even in our behavior.

All in all, Catalyst was a great experience for me. The teachers were very helpful. Coming to Catalyst made me realize that I have to do my best in all my classes. It also helped me in my math. Catalyst made me change my thoughts about learning math. And the program wasn't just about learning, but it also was also a program that made me get to know more people and I got to have lots of fun.