Catalyst Student Esmeralda Galindo From C's and D's to B's and A's

Even though I didn’t know the teachers from the Catalyst to High School/Summer Bridge Program they were still great. For home room I had Mr. Nguyen, a really cool and funny teacher. For Algebra 1, I had Mrs. Tran and she was a really helpful and patient teacher. Mr. Albers was the director of the program and I really didn’t get to meet him that much but he seemed to be a really good teacher to me.

In Catalyst I got a lot of help from every teacher I had. My Catalyst teachers were there for me when I needed help. In Algebra 1 Mrs. Tran helped me understand every lesson that we were learning. When my teachers saw that my grades were going down they actually had time for me to talk about my grades and how I could raise them.

In Catalyst I got to learn a lot. I was in Algebra 1 during the time. But during Catalyst I was getting prepared to be in geometry for my freshman year by retaking Algebra 1 and passing the exit exam. I got to learn new strategies for math and passed Algebra 1 with an A.

I really loved Catalyst. For me this was a good program where they showed me how high school worked. How the teachers at Overfelt worked with the students and how they really care about you. Catalyst helped me moved on from being a C and D student to become an A and B student.

Finally, Catalyst was one of the best programs I have ever been in during summer. Catalyst showed me how to be successful during my four years of high school. I had a good experience in this program and a good summer. Now that I am in high school I use all the strategies that Catalyst taught me to be successful. I will always remember the good and fun moments I had during Catalyst.