MAP Student Sara Palacios 12/12: A Fraction to Love

"Double wow" was what both Sara Palacios, a 7th grader from the Herman Intermediate School, and her mother felt after she was accelerated to Pre-Algebra earlier this year. Sara's acceleration was a result of her participation in the ALearn Math Acceleration Program (MAP) last summer.

Sara struggled in math in elementary school, and her 6th grade teacher encouraged her to attend the summer MAP program. Sara was not anxious to give up summer vacation days to take four hours of math each day. However, by the end of the 19-day program, she showed the highest improvement of any student who had completed the program in the last three years. She went from scoring two out of 12 to a perfect 12 out of 12 in her word problems math module. This was her first “Wow.”

Sara credits her teacher and teaching assistant for helping her “visualize math better” and encouraging her to ask questions and not be afraid. Her favorite activities were the white board exercises that provided a team environment and helped her make new friends.

Sara thought visiting San Jose State University during the College Visit Day was "pretty cool." This was her very first visit to a college campus and she's now excited about going to college one day.

Sara’s mother said “Wow!” when Sara was moved up to Pre-Algebra within a week of starting 7th grade. Today, Sara feels confident about math, is not afraid to ask questions and considers math one of her top subjects.

For those not doing well in math and interested in moving up a math grade, Sara highly recommends the MAP – as her experience proves, “it really works.”