High School Programs

Catalyst to High School

The six-week, six-hours-a-day intensive ALearn summer program assists students with their Common Core math skills and helps them pass Algebra I, Geometry, Intro to Common Core Math 1, or Common Core Math 1 before their freshman year of high school. Incoming students can accelerate to the next level of Common Core Math by attending the program. The program includes a college readiness curriculum covering such topics as: transition to high school, goal setting, and understanding A–G requirements. Khan Academy, a free online math resource, is used to supplement the math instruction.  Discussions and activities on positive mindsets help students change their attitudes about themselves and their abilities.

The teaching assistant is a mentor and role model to the students, and facilitates the college-readiness curriculum designed to expose students to what the college path entails and to strengthen their belief that college is a reachable goal.

  • ALearn helped everyone have a vision for college no matter how much our parents make, or how far away it is. They were able to convince us that our dream college can be possible as long as we put in the effort to do so.

    2016 Catalyst to High School Student,

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El Observador coverage Catalyst to College Launch on January 19, 2017 (English)

Catalyst to College

Catalyst to College engages, supports and prepares high school students for college by creating a college-going culture on their high school campuses and a peer support system. The four-year, intensive program supports students from their sophomore year in high school to their first year in college. Through small group and individual support, and leadership and skill development sessions, students are empowered with the tools and mindsets as well as resources needed to overcome their barriers to college. Students also get the opportunity to visit to colleges and local attractions.

Catalyst to College serves primarily students who will be the first in their families to attend college. Students and families receive help in locating and applying for financial aid as well as mentoring and guidance to navigate the college application process. Through working with community and education partners, the program connects students from underserved backgrounds with resources available in the community to inspire their motivation and support their efforts in getting acceptance to college.

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