Why College?
Why Math?
Why Summer?
Our Three Pillars
Credentialed Teachers and College TAs

ALearn reduces the achievement gap of underserved students by empowering them with the tools and competencies to overcome their barriers to college. We provide intensive math learning support at critical points throughout middle school and high school. This, coupled with college readiness and positive mindsets development, helps students prepare for college and promises to change their trajectories.

Why College?

By 2020, 65% of all jobs will require post-secondary education, and 95% of STEM jobs will require college. College is the great equalizer which allows students of any background to begin a successful career. A college graduate earns $1 million more over a career than her peers who only graduate from high school. California will be 1 million STEM degrees short by 2020. In California, Latino students represent 51% of the K-12 students, but only 12% are graduating from college–leaving a gap in the workforce and in the economy. At ALearn, we help students overcome the hurdles they face so they will have equal access to college and opportunities in life.

Why Math?

Math is essential: Algebra I is the best predictor of high school graduation, and Algebra II is the best predictor of college graduation in the U.S. Many underserved students, especially Latino and African American, fall behind in math in elementary school and find themselves so far behind by the end of middle school that they can’t catch up. At ALearn, we start intervening in middle school and provide them several years of a boost so they can get back on grade level in math and securely on the path to college.

Why Summer?

Research demonstrates that students from lower–income backgrounds suffer disproportionately from the lack of school in the summer. In fact, two-thirds of the achievement gap between students from high- and low-income backgrounds takes place because of the cumulative effect of “summer learning loss.”

Our Three Pillars

We seek to light the fires of excitement about learning, about math, and about our students’ future. The unique combination of ALearn’s three pillars (Math, College Readiness and Positive Mindsets) give students crucial math skills, identifies the path to college and provides support to get there, and teaches perseverance to help them overcome challenges throughout their lives.

Common Core Math Proficiency and Acceleration

Students make measurable improvement in their math skills.

  • Significant gains in math understanding in Common Core Math
  • Make math relevant
  • Have fun while learning

College Readiness

A college readiness curriculum that equips students and their families with the skills and knowledge needed to get into college and provides the information about how to get there, which otherwise they would not be aware of or know how to get the information.

  • Increase aspirations to attend college
  • Advise students to take required A-G high school courses for UC / CSU eligibility
  • Take students on a field trip to a local university – often their first time on a university campus
  • Educate students and families about college at a college Inspiration event
  • Assist students with college admissions process
  • Inform students and parents about financial aid

Positive Mindsets

Students believe they can achieve their goals through hard work and perseverance.

  • Intelligence can grow and change
  • Hard work and positive attitude lead to success
  • Failure can lead to resilience

Credentialed Teachers and College TAs

Our programs are taught by credentialed teachers who have received special professional development from ALearn on how to support students from underserved, low-income communities. Each teacher is supported by a college student teaching assistant (TA), who helps to cut the teacher-student ratio in half. The TAs, many of whom are first-generation college students, are also role models. The sharing of their personal college journey is often inspirational and motivational, and constitutes a significant part of the students’ experience in the program. See the impact that we have made. Are you interested in offering a program at your school? Please contact Linda Prieto, Vice President of Programs or call us at 408.260.7545.