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This is what participating educators say about ALearn’s programs:

“When I came to ALearn, I assumed it was just another summer job. But it’s not. It gives me control over math: I can reflect on what I’m doing, experiment with new technology / strategies, and really get kids motivated without totally worrying about too many tests. Yes, there are assessments, but it’s more than that. ALearn makes me think about how I connect with kids, and how I can be a better teacher and improve every year I step into the classroom.”

— Jonathan Natividad, 2015 ALearn Teacher of the Year

“I was surprised by how much the students changed over the four weeks. They went from not wanting to be in summer school and hating math and teachers to loving math, feeling confident, and building relationships with their teachers and TAs.”

Catalyst to High School Teacher

For Educators

ALearn’s mission is to help more first-generation students reach college. The Math Acceleration Program (MAP), Catalyst to High School Program, and Zoomz social network are critical steps on that path. Research shows that success in middle school math and Algebra, a successful transition into the rigors of high school, and the motivation obtained from teachers, parents, and peers are the gatekeepers for success in high school college prep courses.

ALearn’s programs offer high value to students, teachers and school districts by:

  • Raising the math achievement of participants, allowing more students to be successful in Algebra and complete the “A-G” college prep requirements in high school

  • Reducing the number of math support classes that students need and that schools and teachers must offer

  • Improving learning skills, so that students perform better in all of their core classes

  • Raising aspirations for college and motivating students to work hard to get to college

  • Increasing teacher intervention instructional skills

In order to serve the large number of students in the combined programs, ALearn has built a strong management to oversee and coordinate the program. ALearn hired a Program Director to work directly with the school districts, College Program Coordinators to assist the Program Director in leading the college focus, and college student Teaching Assistants.

Key partnerships have allowed ALearn to enrich its programs. These partnerships include:

  • Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) and the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley. This partnership has helped establish a two-summer math intervention continuum for middle school students, further increasing the likelihood that students will complete Algebra in 8th or 9th grade.
  • Partner school districts. Districts participate in the curriculum selection, student recruitment, and monthly planning meetings. The districts hire and pay the teachers and provide the facilities and a summer site Principal.
  • Santa Clara University’s Math Education department helped develop and implement the student attitudinal surveys.
  • Stanford University’s School of Education provides program feedback and assessment support.
  • RAFT provides hands-on activity kits and training to the teaching staff.
  • Pearson, our curriculum supplier.
  • Cal-SOAP helps train college interns and provides curriculum and materials to support first generation college students.
  • WestEd, our research partner, helped establish a data repository to hold student academic achievement and demographic information. Thanks to this partnership, we are able to track student achievement through high school. 

2016 Middle School Partners

  • Alum Rock Union School District
  • Berryessa Union School District
  • Franklin-McKinley School District
  • Mount Pleasant Elementary School District
  • Mountain View-Whisman School District
  • Oak Grove School District
  • Downtown College Prep
  • Bayshore Christian Ministries
  • Building Futures Now
  • Unity Care

2016 High School Partners

  • Sequoia Union High School District
  • Mountain View – Los Altos High School District
  • East-Side Union High School District
  • College is Real

If you want more information about ALearn’s Middle School programs, please contact Kelsey Austin-King, Manager of Middle School Programs. For High School programs, please contact Christine Khoo Manager of High School Programs:

P:  408-260-7545    E: Kelsey Austin-King, Christine Khoo