ALearn was founded on the belief that all students are capable of achieving a college diploma, regardless of their racial or ethnic group, or socio-economic background. But students of color from underserved and low socio-economic background often don’t have the skills, information, or support to know that college is available to them. Since they are typically the first in their families with a goal to attend college and are often children of immigrants, their parents come from a very different experience and may not able to provide them with the support they need.

ALearn was founded in 2007 with the exclusive commitment to preparing underserved students to be successful in college. ALearn focuses on math while providing essential college readiness information and instilling a positive mindsets. ALearn has served over 11,100 students in 712 classrooms in 31 school districts and an additional 7,500 students benefit by their teacher’s attending our innovative professional development. ALearn’s teaching assistants, many of whom are first generation in their families to go to college, serve as role models and are filling the teacher pipeline.