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Students’ Proudest Moments

“[It] was when I realized that we had done half a school year’s worth of math in three weeks.”

“[It] was getting 90% on our midterm and feeling so good about that, and knowing that this program helped me get that grade.“

Teachers and Teaching Assistants on the Value of the Program

“The Catalyst program provided a great learning experience that has allowed me to become a better leader, try out different teaching methods, look at math problems in a different way, and become a better role model for the students."

“As an aspiring teacher, this program showed me how a good teacher presents material, assesses understanding, and fosters their students’ development.”

Catalyst to High School

The Issue:

Low income and minority students have the lowest high school graduation rates in Santa Clara County, with 70% of Latino students graduating from high school in 2015. Traditional education is not providing the support and resources that low income, English Language Learner students need to complete high school and go on to succeed in college. The transition from the academic and social atmosphere of middle school to high school can be an extra challenge to these students.

Click here to see the 2016 Catalyst results.

The Opportunity:

ALearn designed the Catalyst to High School program to be a rigorous summer program focused on improving skills in mathematics. The program provides an introduction to high school, with an emphasis on study and organizational skills as well as motivation to attend college.

The Solution

The Catalyst to High School summer bridge program:

  • Serves students who are from a low income background and who are often the first in their families to attend college
  • Introduces incoming freshmen to high school math in an intensive four-week format
  • Reinforces a college-going attitude with a College Information Night and a tour of a local 4-year university
  • Enables credentialed teachers and tutors to teach in small, personalized groups
  • Engages older high school and college students in coaching and mentoring incoming freshmen
  • Includes community building and leadership development

2016 Partners (subject to change):

  • Mountain View – Los Altos High School District
  • Eastside Union High School District
  • Sequoia Union High School District
  • College Is Real

To apply:

If you attend or will attend a school in one of the above districts, inquire at the Main Office of your school or call the District’s Summer Programs coordinator. If your District does not appear here, check back frequently throughout the spring, as new ones will appear.